Empowerment & Economic Advancement

We believe no women can be empowered until she is financially independent. There were days when women would depend on their fathers and husbands for getting things they wanted. Their role was confined to household activities, cooking, washing, cleaning and bearing kids. They were either not considered nor consulted in family decision making. Though things are changing in a positive direction for women, but they are mostly in the metro cities and in urban areas.

Women empowerment is incomplete and not possible if women in rural and backward areas, villages, especially in the lower rung of the society are not empowered. On the contrary given an opportunity they have proven that they can also be as good as men in earning family bread. Today there are female masons, tailors, rickshaw and cab drivers, pump attendants, even farmers etc., and are doing extremely well.

ABO strives toward achieving one goal; Women must be given equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of gender. Moreover, they must also be given equal opportunity to pursue their hobby, work interest and similar activities which makes them earn.

ABO women empowerment program is a career counselling, guiding and building program where women are counselled, mentored and coached into various areas of interest, from studies, to work, to even be self-employment women are given exposure to every field of their interest and all guidance and help including financial help is made available for her to successfully pursue her desire and achieve her goal.

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