Health Nutrition and Safety

Nutrition is an important for any human to grow into a healthy and functional being. Often the value and understanding of nutrition and wellbeing is compromised due to various reasons such as poverty, ignorance, lack of awareness etc.

ABO vision for health nutrition and safety is a complete health package in that it begins with regular health checkup camps, followed by appropriate consultation and counselling and then providing with necessary nutrition and health supplements and food programs to ensure good health.

Our Nutrition Program directs its work to eradicate hunger, poverty and malnutrition through provision of food, nutrition supplement, clothes etc., especially for the poor, children and other deprived sections of the society.



Apart from health checkups we undertake regular health and hygiene awareness programs, wherein importance of cleanliness, good health and hygiene is stressed and emphasized, followed by distribution of nutrition and sanitization products and medicines.

Along with our implementation partner, we have organized regular health forums and household level beneficiary counselling that emphasized on safe motherhood, child nutrition, newborn care, breast feeding, immunization, sanitation, etc., thereby increasing awareness among the rural communities.

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