It was on a hot summer afternoon, I was travelling by road along the country side through villages of Andhra Pradesh, comfortably seated in my AC car totally unaware of the scorching sun and heat outside. Going thru the farm watching the greenery was treat to my eyes until my eyes fell on few women who were working in the field. They were about twenty in numbers mostly between the age of twenty-five and forty. Some were older. On the side I even saw kids playing, their mothers must have brought them, may be maybe there were no one at home to look after them. Just next to the kids playing I saw two women feeding their new born, under the shade of a mango tree. I told my driver I needed to stretch and take a break. He parked the car under a tree by the curb side. With some water and few treats I walked up to them. I spoke to them, why work in the afternoon heat I asked. “we can come only after taking care of our household work” one replied. Get up early, cook breakfast and lunch box for our husbands and family members, wash clothes, clean house, fill water only then get time to come to the field to work” she continued. to the breast-feeding mothers I asked why risk new born in this summer heat, one had lost her husband the other was unable to find job. They needed money. None knew how to read nor write. Had very little knowledge about what was happening around them. None of the kids except one went to school. I was saddened and angry at the same time. This is not how India will progress I said to myself. I refused to accept and let be, and I said to myself that I have to do something and something needs to be done and to be done now! by me! This is when ABO was born.

I realized in order to help women, empower her and enable her to live a life of her own, I needed to equip with knowledge first. I enrolled and successfully completed my LLB program. Subsequently completed my LLM, and even completed my PHD.  After completing my studies, I embarked on the ABO mission and vision of women empowerment, which meant, civil and social rights, education, healthcare and nutrition.  With these three objectives, ABO began its journey. Today ABO is fully involved in conceiving and implementing many and regular healthcare programs and health camps and health awareness seminars and programs in villages and towns, tribal areas. It has reached and influenced thousands of women and through them their families and within a short time has credited itself with many events, activities and programs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.