Welcome message from the founder

In recent years India has shown strong will and intent to bring all round improvement and progress in a women’s life. Path breaking legislations and laws have been created to uplift and enrich women’s life and remove social discrimination and gender inequality, across all societies and forums. However, so much is still required to be done to see the result at ground level especially in its rural areas and villages.

ABO have been on a mission to serve women and girls across all regions and generations. We are enabling change and addressing the issues that still plague women today: gender discrimination, social and civil justice, health & nutrition, and economic empowerment & advancement.

ABO is the go-to organization to help women enhance their social and personal development to become truly Atmanirbhar, and live life happy and fully.

To our participants, friends, partners, donors, and funders, we ask you to join us on a mission to eliminate barriers and empower women and children at every stage of their life